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Thegirlguru is a series of online videos that teach you how to talk to women.

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If you suffer from approach anxiety or are at a level in which you are already successful but still feel there is more to learn to take your current success ratio to a whole new level, this website is for you.
“ I've always been the sociable guy who gets stuck in the friend zone ... not anymore ”

Basics of Attraction

Learn from the ground up.
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Money Doesn't Matter

In fact, it can hurt you. We'll explain why.
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Dress Code

Get a full makeover. Dress your age. We'll explain how and why.
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Confidence Training

Find your inner confidence.
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Have Fun

How having fun will actually bring a new type of success to your dating life.
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No more friend-zone. No more lost opportunities. Learn how to attract all types of women.
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